Adaptive Environmental Consulting (AEC) offers a full-service office based in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia branch features a Certified Indoor Environmentalist with certifications in Radon, Lead, and Asbestos. 

AEC is a full service industrial hygiene firm offering a variety of professional consulting, testing, oversight, reporting, and management services.

Our Philadelphia Office serves all of Metro Philadelphia and surrounding areas. 

Our Philadelphia Office is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group, Inc


OFFICE: 866.266.6689

MOLD & Asbestos testing

Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group uses state-of-the-art detection methods for the presence of both visual mold, asbestos, and elevated spore counts within the air that you breathe in your home or commercial building. 



Scopes of work are the building blocks from which the restoration or abatement contractor bid their projects. We draft our scopes with the knowledge of over 30 years of field and practical experience. 



Losses related to fire damage, plumbing issues, roof leaks, and storm damage can be devastating. When you have the unfortunate task of having to resolve these issues, Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group is your resource for identification and restoration of the effected areas within your home or business.