This is the first time I had ever dealt with mold. Through you, I learned that it was a serious matter, but also one that could be easily fixed.
— -Homeowner
I would recommend you to others facing mold or other contaminant exposure as an expert in the latest technologies and best practices based on the current knowledge. I would emphasize that there are different schools of thought on remediation and testing and that you practice the latest cutting edge methods.
— Homeowner
We had fear of the unknown situation in the first place, never having dealt with mold. Since we were inexperienced, we didn’t even know all the questions to ask. We had to rely on others and trust they were truthful. You put us at ease and let us know the reality of the situation. You helped us feel comfortable with your services immediately. Your integrity shown through. And you obviously care about people and their health. It’s not always easy to find people who genuinely care about their clients these days.
— Home Owner
Yes, we would recommend you to friends. You were not only helpful, you made us feel better about the entire situation. In addition, you were incredibly speedy in your assessment and reports. There were no delays on your part! And in our situation especially, we appreciated that you did not try to gouge us on the price. Your pricing seemed very fair.
— Home Owner
Kristy is extremely easy to work with and trustworthy. She explained everything she needed to do in a way that I understood. She obviously knows her business and enjoys what she does.”
— Building Owner