Who is Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group?

Adaptive Environmental Consulting (AEC) supplies homeowners, contractors and builders with the strongest environmental testing procedures and protocols in the industry. Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group consists of national, state and industry licensed and certified professionals working cohesively, sharing knowledge and providing continued support. Let our staff of certified industrial hygienists, Ph.Ds., certified indoor environmentalists, certified residential mold inspectors, to name a few, be your one source for a professional and comprehensive scope of services extending across all environmental assessment and sampling needs.

Adaptive Environmental Consulting can help you increase your job profits. On average, according to AEC’s clients, our involvement and site specific, line-by-line protocols save 15% to 20% in remediation and restoration expenses allowing more profit retention on your average job. We accomplish this by taking the guesswork out of the process. Adaptive Environmental Consulting's professional partners will tell you in detail what the problem is, where the problem is located, and give you the best solutions by providing information on what type of contractor is required to do the job correctly while offering you third party project oversight and accountability.

Your job is never too small or too large for Adaptive Environmental Consulting. Our competitive pricing, extensive experience and industry alliances will help you resolve any issue in the shortest time possible. Let Adaptive Environmental Consulting Group show you how one call can take your project from start to finish and within budget.