I needed asbestos testing in a jiffy on a condo remodel that had taken a wrong turn (original contractor had failed to perform the required testing). I was very anxious and nervous. Jordan took the time to walk me through the process and explain what I could expect no matter the results. And pricing was very reasonable. He really put me at ease and was able to go out and test on the next business day. Results came the day after that. Fortunately my testing came back negative for asbestos, but even if it hadn’t, I’m confident Jordan would have helped me get through whatever had to be done. Thank you Jordan and Adaptive Environmental.
— August 19, 2017 : Reno Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
Chris came out to our rental within a couple of hours of contact. He more than fulfilled our negotiated deal and took the time to explain everything from cause to impact to solutions. I have never met a more honest,sincere and caring individual in my 25 years of construction experience. When I called him several weeks after the testing the first thing he did was to ask about my wife’s health problems. That after several months and several doctors we have now been able to relate and attribute to the mold in our rented home. Chris actually went the extra mile and discovered that every room had asbestos as well as hidden Mold throughout the entire house.(something that the first testing company completely missed). I can honestly say that compared to the first testing company that we hired, Adaptive just crushed them in all areas:Thoroughness, professionalism, promptness, value, education, followup, compassion and knowledge were all far above what we expected and experienced with the first company. The bottom line is this: If you want a reliable, honest and comprehensive test done then look no further than Adaptive Environmental. Don’t waste your time with other companies.
— August 16, 2017 : Las Vegas Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
Thanks to Adaptive Environmental I survived two weeks of total chaos after the sewer backed. The guys at Adaptive helped me understand my risks from the sewage, what was happening with the insurance and explained the clean-up process of how it was all going to get cleaned up, paid for, and get my life back to normal. With so many workers and insurance people coming and going, Wade was the guy I could trust.
— -Homeowner
Contractors can leave you confused and Chris at Adaptive cleared it all up. He helped me understand how the mold happened and how it was going to get cleaned up. We had contractor estimates from $1500 to over $5000 for the same work and Chris helped us see what was different and why. I would definitely refer anyone to Adaptive. Thanks!
— Homeowner
Adaptive Environmental was great. As a real estate agent you never know what you get with mold, and Rob made it my deal work saving the sale and my client relationship.
— Realtor
We used another company for years and then found Adaptive and found out we were paying too much, doing too much and had no protection. Chris and Rob actually taught us what we needed and when and not what they wanted. We think Adaptive Environmental is the standard in mold and asbestos. These guys are committed and know what they’re doing.
— Property Manager
Fast turn-a-round on the acoustic ceiling tile testing saved our office. The building’s new roof leaked in several places and we feared the soggy ceiling tiles were going to lead to a major asbestos cleanup. The next day we were happy to hear that no asbestos was found. These guys could have turned the job into weeks. They did it in days. Who turns down work? Honest companies, that’s who. Huge thanks to Adaptive Environmental Consulting.
— Building Owner
Great service. We had a mold problem and they took the time to listen to our concerns and helped us figure out what we needed, the other seven companies we called just threw out a “package price” but never asked what was happening or what our concerns were. Best part is they did what they said which I have found to be difficult to find in Las Vegas. Reasonable price, and highly recommended. Don’t waste time calling around.
— February 25, 2017 : Las Vegas Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
Randy Stock did a really good job. He was responsive, attentive, and made sure that we were taken care of.”
— August 7, 2017 : Phoenix Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
We had concerns regarding a home we wanted to purchase because of signs of water damage in and around the master bathroom. I have severe mold sensitivities so it was critical that we obtained accurate information. Randy was very punctual, thorough, and patient. He welcomed questions and he produced results in a timely manner. He made sure both my husband and I completely understood both the mold report and the remediation recommendations. I received other quotes from air quality testers in the Phoenix/Mesa area that were much more for less service. Very professional, top notch service. He saved us from a very costly disaster, thank you!!!
— September 28, 2016 : Phoenix Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
Jordan and Matt are incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and were ready to put a plan in place with our situation. Jordan’s communication is very thorough. He was never in a rush as this was a learning process for us - whether it was going over the protocol or report results. He earned our trust right away.

We can confidently refer Jordan and his team to anyone needing their assistance.
Thank you ~ it was great working with you and Matt.
— June 1, 2017 : Reno Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
Adaptive Environmental has proved to me that customer service is still alive and strong! They helped me every step of the way, and answered my incredible amount of questions. True professionals with your time and concerns in mind. You will be happy you used them!!! thank you Courtney, Brian, Christie , and Jordan for a first class experience!!!
— April 25, 2017 : Dallas/Fort Worth Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW
I would Highly recommended to anyone who needs any air testing completed. They came in and did the inspection, and had my protocol back to me in 4 days of me making my very first call to this company. I was amazed by the protocol. I felt very comfortable and valued as a customer!
— April 13, 2017 : Dallas/Fort Worth Office : FIVE STAR REVIEW